Cody Musical Theatre Company

24th-29th September 2012

Riverside Boarding School has been forced to open its gates to girls and worse still a council estate kid Billy Tompkins.

The dreadful Ms Sharp (school inspector) is trying to close the school with a mixture of unfair tests and health and safety rules.

Can Billy, with the help of his hopeless gang and misunderstood rich girl friend Charlotte, save the school? All will be revealed Behind The Bike Sheds…..

Behind The Bike Sheds is a joyfully irresistable original musical initially written to raise funds for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, Surrey. This show is the ‘prequel’ to the hugely successful Stand By Your Beds, which during its premiere in 2009 broke the theatre’s box-office records for a January production. Several nights were completely sold out – every single performance received a standing ovation.

All the cast, musicians and stage crew are volunteers who are donating their time and talent to produce a brilliant, energetic and highly enjoyable, award-winning show.

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorSue Sampson
Musical DirectorPaul Tickner
ChoreographerSue Canfield
Stage ManagerMike Davall


Cast List

Billy Tompkins (Roy Rogers)Rob Tickner
Emma TompkinsLucy Jesse
Charlotte Tickner-SampsonLaura Cross
Dwayne Pipe (Lone Ranger)Graham Kirby-Smith
Mr Cedric IronsidesMartin Sampson
Miss Virginia SharpeLisa Fletcher
Eddie BatesPhilip Mumford
Miss Gemma GreenLucy Armes
Mr J B GoodeElliott Griffiths
Mr Bob Ian Geoffrey ShortsNic Main
Stan Still (The Prof)Chris Boorman
Doug Hole (Davy Crocket)Graham McCarron
Ben DoverTim Canfield
Barb DwyerSiân Thomas
Rose BushEmma Loader
Annette CurtainsSamantha Bottle
Hazel NuttKatie Lamb
Mr Gerald Tickner-SampsonTony Siddall
Wendy BatesCatt Long
Miss JonesVanessa Higgins
tall boyColin Vickery
PolicemanKevin Long
adenoidal girlLaura Thomas
new girlFern Higgins
Miss BrownAnne-Marie Johnson
Mrs BatesCharlie McGowan
Mr BatesRon Walker
Miss TitsmuchNicky Stephens
portrait motherJune Thomas
portrait mother's daughtersLynda Taylor, Jenni Galliford
AngelsCharlotte Walker, Sarah Cahill- Smith, Catt Long
NunsGiga Phillips, Anne Marie Johnson, Alex Balston
OFSTED inspection teamJune Thomas, Giga Philips, Joyce Atlee, Haydn Thomas, David Main, Mike Lehman
school cooksJune Thomas, Giga Philips, Joyce Atlee
Abigail Davey, Amy Fletcher, Carolina Prendergast, Kazz Newstead, Lucy Barnes, Rachel McDowall, Eric McLoughlin, John Canfield, Roger Johnson, Steve Howard, Tony Doherty
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