We rehearse throughout the year on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings and stage two major musical productions annually in late March and September.

  • Tuesdays: 8:00 – 10:00pm
  • Thursdays: 8:00 – 10:00pm
  • Sundays (when required): 2:00-6:00pm

Rehearsal Venue

Velmead Junior School
Velmead Road
GU52 7LG
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Show Venue

Princes Hall
Princes Way
GU11 1NX

Please find below the full rehearsal schedule for the current show, for audition information for future shows please click the following link:

Rehearsal schedule
Tue 5 Oct 218:00-10:00pmALLFull Script Read ThroughMain Hall
Thu 7 Oct 218:00-10:00pmALL (except Beinekes)When You're An Addams (Vocals)Main Hall
Tue 12 Oct 218:00-10:00pmAncestorsWhen You're An Addams (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmGomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandma, Fester & LurchWhen You're An Addams (Beginning Vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandma, Fester & LurchWhen You're An Addams (Join Ancestors for Choreography)Main Hall
Thu 14 Oct 218:00-10:00pmALLOne Normal Night (vocals)Main Hall
Tue 19 Oct 218:00-10:00pmALL (except Beinekes)When You're An Addams (Choreography)Main Hall
Thu 21 Oct 218:00-10:00pmAncestorsOne Normal Night (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmWednesdayPulled (vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmAddams FamilyAct 1 Scene 3Library
9:00-10:00pmGomezTwo Things, Wednesday's Growing Up & Trapped (vocals)Music Room
Tue 26 Oct 218:00-9:15pmFester & AncestorsOverture/Prologue, Fester's Manifesto, One Normal Night & But Love (Reprise #1 & #2) - (vocals)Main Hall
9:15-10:00pmFester & AncestorsBut Love (Reprise #1 & #2) - (blocking)Music Room
Thu 28 Oct 218:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Lurch & "Trapped" AncestorsAct 1 Scene 2 (including "Trapped")Main Hall
8:00-10:00pmAliceWaiting (vocals)Main Hall
Tue 2 Nov 218:00-10:00pmALLAct 1 Scene 4 (including "One Normal Night")Main Hall
Thu 4 Nov 218:00-10:00pmAncestorsSinging / Choreography RecapMain Hall
8:00-10:00pmWednesday, Lucas, Gomez, Mal & MorticiaAct 1 Scenes 6, 7 & 9Music Room
Tue 9 Nov 218:00-9:00pmAncestorsSinging RecapMusic Room
9:00-10:00pm"But Love" AncestorsJoin Principals for Act 1 Scenes 5 & 6Main Hall
8:00-10:00pmPrincipalsAct 1 Scene 5 & 6Main Hall
Thu 11 Nov 218:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 1 Scenes 1-5Main Hall
Tue 16 Nov 218:00-10:00pmMorticia, Alice & Female AncestorsSecrets (vocals)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmWednesday, Lucas & PugsleyAct 1 Scene 10Music Room
Thu 18 Nov 218:00-9:00pmPugsleyWhat If (vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmGomezAct 1 (vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmPugsley & GrandmaAct 1 Scene 11Library
8:00-10:00pmMorticia, Alice & Female AncestorsSecrets (Choreography) & Act 1 Scene 8Main Hall
Tue 23 Nov 218:00-10:00pmALLFull Disclosure (vocals)Main Hall
Thu 25 Nov 218:00-10:00pmALLWaiting (end vocals) & Full Disclosure (vocals)Main Hall
Tue 30 Nov 218:00-10:00pmALLAct 1 Scene 12 (including Full Disclosure)Main Hall
Thu 2 Dec 218:00-10:00pmALLFinish Full Disclosure & Recap ALL Act 1 Musical NumbersMain Hall
Tue 7 Dec 218:00-8:30pmGomez & 'Trapped' AncestorsTrapped (Recap)Main Hall
8:30-9:00pmMal, Alice, Lucas & TreesOne Normal Night (Recap)Main Hall
8:30-9:00pmPrincipalsAct 1 Scene 5 (Recap)Library
9:00-10:00pmALLACT 1 RUNMain Hall
Thu 9 Dec 218:00-9:00pmMorticiaJust Around The Corner (vocals)Music Room
8:00-9:00pmWednesday, Lucas & AncestorsAct 2 Scene 1Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmMal & AliceAct 2 Scene 3Library
9:00-10:00pmMorticia & GomezAct 2 Scene 2Main Hall
9:00-10:00pmAncestorsAct 2 Opening & Just Around The Corner (vocals)Music Room
Sun 12 Dec 213:00pmALLCODY XMASChris and Marion Boorman's
Tue 14 Dec 218:00-10:00pmMorticia & AncestorsJust Around The Corner (vocals)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmWednesday & GomezAct 2 Scene 5Music Room
Thu 16 Dec 218:00-10:00pmMorticia & AncestorsJust Around The Corner (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmWednesday & LucasCrazier Than You (vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmMal, Alice, Wednesday & LucasCrazier Than You (vocals)Music Room
Tue 21 Dec 218:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia & Tango AncestorsTango de Amor (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-10:00pmFester & Bathing BellesThe Moon And Me (vocals)Music Room
Thu 23 Dec 218:00-9:00pmMorticia & AncestorsJust Around The Corner (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmEveryone ElseSinging RecapMusic Room
9:00-10:00pmALLCODY XMAS RAFFLEMain Hall
Tue 4 Jan 228:00-10:00pmALLRecap ALL Musical NumbersMain Hall
Thu 6 Jan 228:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia & Tango AncestorsTango de Amor (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-10:00pmAll Other PrincipalsSinging RecapMusic Room
Tue 11 Jan 228:00-10:00pmFester & Bathing BellesThe Moon And Me (Choreography) & Act 2 Scene 4Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmGomezHappy Sad (vocals)Music Room
9:00-10:00pmGomez & WednesdayHappy Sad (movement)Music Room
Thu 13 Jan 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 2 Scenes 1-5Main Hall
Tue 18 Jan 228:00-10:00pmALLREVISIT Act 1Main Hall
Thu 20 Jan 228:00-10:00pmGomez, Wednesday, Fester, Mal, Alice & LucasAct 2 Scene 6Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmMorticia & PugsleyAct 2 Scene 7Music Room
Tue 25 Jan 228:00-10:00pmMorticia & AncestorsJust Around The Corner (Choreography Recap)Main Hall
8:00-9:00pmGomezNot Today (vocals)Music Room
Thu 27 Jan 228:00-10:00pmALLMove Towards The Darkness (vocals)Main Hall
Tue 1 Feb 228:00-9:00pmGomez & MorticiaLet's Live Before We Die (vocals)Main Hall
9:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia, Fester & LurchAct 2 Scene 8 & 9Main Hall
Thu 3 Feb 228:00-10:00pmGomez, Morticia & Tango AncestorsTango de Amor (Choreography)Main Hall
8:00-10:00pmAll OthersSinging RecapMusic Room
Tue 8 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLMove Towards The Darkness (vocals)Main Hall
Thu 10 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLAct 2 Scene 10Main Hall
Tue 15 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLBOWS & Choreography RecapMain Hall
Thu 17 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 2Main Hall
Tue 22 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 1Main Hall
Thu 24 Feb 228:00-10:00pmALLREVISIT Act 1 SectionsMain Hall
Tue 1 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 2Main Hall
Thu 3 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLREVISIT Act 2 SectionsMain Hall
Sun 6 Mar 226:00-10:00pmALLRUN SHOWVelmead School
Tue 8 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLSinging RecapMain Hall
Thu 10 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLChoreography RecapMain Hall
Sun 13 Mar2:00-6:00pmALLRUN SHOWVelmead School
Tue 15 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLAct 1 RecapMain Hall
Thu 17 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLAct 2 RecapMain Hall
Sun 20 Mar 226:00-10:00pmALLRUN SHOWPrinces Hall
Tue 22 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 1 & PolishMain Hall
Thu 24 Mar 228:00-10:00pmALLRUN Act 2 & PolishMain Hall
Sun 27 Mar 2210:00am-1:00pmALLBand CallPrinces Hall
6:00-10:30pmALLTechnical RehearsalPrinces Hall
Mon 28 Mar 227:00-10:30pmALLDress RehearsalPrinces Hall
Tue 29 Mar 227:30-10:30pmALLPerformancePrinces Hall
Wed 30 Mar 227:30-10:30pmALLPerformancePrinces Hall
Thu 31 Mar 227:30-10:30pmALLPerformancePrinces Hall
Fri 1 Apr 227:30-10:30pmALLPerformancePrinces Hall
Sat 2 Apr 222:30-5:30pmALLMatinee PerformancePrinces Hall
7:30-10:30pmALLEvening Performance

ALL rehearsals for the show will be held at Velmead Junior School unless you are advised otherwise. Please note we would ask that if any member of the cast is unable to attend rehearsals, you should notify the Production team by phone as below, or email: