Performing Members

We are always looking to encourage new members to join our happy throng of performers. We are a registered charity and our ‘charter’ and charitable aims are to encourage, educate and stimulate local performers to produce high quality entertainment for local audiences.

Many of our members throughout the years have taken their experience gained within the Society on to professional careers on the West End and around the country…. but most simply enjoy this as a great, cheap hobby, with friends you’ll meet and have fun with, and experiences that will last a lifetime….

New members can join us either by passing either a new member’s audition, or by auditioning for a principal role, whilst informing the audition committee that they wish this to be considered as their new member’s audition. For further details please see our auditions section.
In addition to their annual members subscription all performing members are asked to contribute a nominal show fee for each production.

Backstage & Assistants

In addition to the performers you see on stage there are easily as many people involved behind the scenes, all with specialist skills in their own right. We encourage anyone to come along and have a go and learn these crafts:

  • Production Directors & assistants
  • Scenery construction
  • Stage crew
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Costumes
  • Props & armoury
  • Make-up
  • Front of house
  • Officials: accounts, secretaries, social committees, etc…

Why not become a Friend of Cody?

We also welcome any of our audience to support the activities of this charity by becoming a Friend of the Society. Friends are entitled to all of the benefits of membership (except voting rights), including; priority booking for premium seats in the theatre, regular news to keep you in touch with the Company and forthcoming productions, invitations to the social events that we organise throughout the year.

The Benefits of Membership

Full membership is open to any person over the age of 16, performing or otherwise. For a nominal annual subscription all members are invited to:

      • Receive regular news throughout the year
      • Receive priority booking information in advance of each of our shows
      • Vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM): Normally held in June, members will be forwarded an invitation to attend, together with minutes of the previous AGM and detailed accounts, and are entitled to:
        • Vote and stand for any elected post (see officials), or production team member
        • Review & influence the running of the Society
      • Participate in any of our fabulous social events, for example:
        • Annual Dinner Dance
        • Christmas parties
        • Quizzes
        • Skittles evenings
        • Rambles & Treasure Hunts
        • etc, etc…
Membership Categories


A person with long standing associations with the Company in support of their activities and objectives.

Full Member

A person, over the age of 16, who plays an active part in most of the events of the Company and generally takes part in the Company’s productions.


A person, over the age of 16, who supports the activities of the Company. This person may have also on occasion(s) taken an active part in productions but is not currently performing in any of the year’s productions.

Student Member

A person, who does not qualify as a Junior Member but is still in full time education and is under the age of 25, who plays an active part in most of the events of the Society and generally takes part in the Society’s productions. A Student member under the age of 18 is not eligible to vote at AGMs, EGMs or serve as an Officer or part of the Management.

Junior Member

A person, under the age of 16 at the beginning of the membership year, who supports the activities of the Society and who may or may not participate in the productions during the year. Junior members are not eligible to vote at AGMs, EGMs or serve as an Officer or part of the Management.

Note: For a member to be deemed a Full Member or Friend and not a Junior Member they must be at least 16 and deemed no longer to be in full time education i.e. passed the School Leaving Age, this is defined as the minimum age a person is legally allowed to leave compulsory secondary education. In England the end of the compulsory secondary education is defined as when the individual is at least 16 and after the last Friday in June of year 11. Any Junior member appearing in Company productions is subject to appropriate legislative restrictions in place at the time.



Annual Fee

Per Production

Full Member £50.00
Performing Full Member £50.00 £50.00
Student Member £35.00 £35.00
Junior Member £25.00 £25.00
Friend £40.00
Vice-President £80.00
President £90.00
Life-Member £50.00

Join us

Send us your details below and we will get in touch to let your know your options for joining this fabulous company in whatever way you wish to contribute: