Cody Musical Theatre Company

24th-28th September 2013

Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams of what lies over the rainbow. One day, a twister hits her farm and carries her away to the magical land of Oz. Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto, the dog, as they travel through the world of Dorothy’s imagination.

This much loved family musical needs no further introduction. The well-known score includes some of the best loved songs in the American musical library and this RSC production retains all of these in the most faithful reproduction of the original film.

Come and join us to share in the magic. Follow the yellow brick road along with Dorothy and her friends as they seek their hearts desires in the Emerald City, always remembering that there is “no place like home”!

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorCharlotte Walker
Musical DirectorPaul Tickner
ChoreographerJoyce Atlee 
Stage ManagerMike Davall 


Cast List

Dorothy GaleBeth Mabin
Hunk / ScarecrowRob Tickner
Hickory / TinmanPhilip Mumford
Zeke / Cowardly LionTim Canfield
Aunt Em / GlindaAmanda Buchan
Uncle Henry / Emerald City GuardRon Walker
Almira Gultch / Wicked Witch of the WestMelanie Martin
Professor Marvel / WizardSteve Woolford
TotoMaisie Taylor
The MayorHaydn Thomas
The CoronerGary Oxenham
The Lollipop GuildTeam Yellow Brick: Alex Bradshaw, Erin Ruddy, Lily Walker
Team Emerald: Kieran White, Megan Harfield, Ellen Mumford
The Lullaby LeagueTeam Yellow Brick: Harriet Lightfoot, Jazmin Walters, Phoebe Weeks
Team Emerald: Katie Boughtflower, Amelia Green, Jessica-Mae Thompson
BarristerMike Lehman
City FathersJohn Canfield, Darren White, Richard Young
BraggartJames Timpson
School TeachersLucy Armes, Lisa Fletcher
FiddlerMonique Koekemoer
ChildrenTeam Yellow Brick (Tue/Thu/Sat Eve): Alex Bradshaw, Joshua Gaynor, Harriet Lightfoot, Rebecca MacAdam, Erin Ruddy, Lily Walker, Jazmin Walters, Phoebe Weeks
Team Emerald (Wed/Fri/Sat Mat): Kieran White, Katie Boughtflower, Amelia Green, Megan Harfield, Ellen Mumford, Jessica-Mae Thompson, Danielle Woolford
Yellow Brick Road:
Three CrowsChris Boorman, Kevin Long, Tony Siddall
Three Apple TreesBecky Armes, Lisa Fletcher, Charlie McGowan
PoppiesBecky Armes, Tania Armes, Lucy Barnes, Sam Bottle, Lisa Fletcher, April Timpson
SnowmenChris Boorman, John Canfield, Mike Lehman, Kevin Long, James Timpson, Richard Young
SnowflakesLisa Nicholson, Lucy Jesse, Laura Thomas
Osians (Citizens of the Emerald City):
Emerald City GuardRon Walker
Dorothy's BeauticiansTania Armes, Monique Koekemoer
Scarecrow's BeauticiansLisa Fletcher, Lucy Jesse
Tinman's PolishersBecky Armes, John Canfield, James Timpson
Lion's ManicuristsLucy Barnes, Sam Bottle, Laura Cross, Emma Dayson
OZ WomenKatie Lamb, Laura Thomas, April Timpson
CitizensLucy Armes, Chris Boorman, Graham Davidson, Helen Dayson, Helen Gaynor, Mike Lehman, Kevin Long, Norman Lyddiatt, Charlie McGowan, Lisa Nicholson, Gary Oxenham, Tony Siddall, Haydn Thomas, Harriet Wyld, Richard Young
The Haunted Forest:
Jitterbug (lead dancer)April Timpson
JitterbugsBecky Armes, Tania Armes, Lucy Barnes, Sam Bottle, Laura Gurney, Lisa Fletcher, Monique Koekemoer, Katie Lamb, Lucy Jesse, Laura Thomas
GhostsChris Boorman, Graham Davidson, Tony Siddall
Witch's Castle:
Wicked Witch of the WestMelanie Martin
Winkie GeneralTony Siddall
Winkies (Wicked Witch’s guards/slaves)Chris Boorman, Graham Davidson, Kevin Long, Norman Lyddiatt, Mike Lehman
Nikko (commander of the Monkeys)James Timpson
MonkeysJohn Canfield, Emma Dayson, Katie Lamb, James Timpson, Richard Young
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