Cody Musical Theatre Company

22nd-27th September 2008

Howdee Pardners, come and join us for a gun totin’, rip roarin’ Stetson wearin’ musical feast as we mosey down to where Annie Oakley and the Wild West show have pitched camp.

The story is a classic boy meets girl, then girl loses boy because she “can’t get a man with a gun”. She joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to find “there’s no business like show business” and eventually gets “lost in his arms” – “doin’ what comes naturally”! You’ll find with Annie Oakley that “anything you can do, she can do better”.

Annie Get Your Gun is full of fabulous songs, it has spectacle, humour, Red Indians and sharp shooter contests, so roll up and buy your tickets for the best show in town.

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorSue Sampson
Musical DirectorGraham Hix
ChoreographerJoyce Atlee
Stage ManagerMike Davall


Cast List

Annie OakleySam Bottle
Frank ButlerMartin Sampson
Charlie DavenportRob Tickner
Foster WilsonRon Walker
Dolly TateRachel Davison
Chief Sitting BullSteve Woolford
Colonel William F Cody (Buffalo Bill)Haydn Thomas
Major Gordon Lillie (Pawnee Bill)David Main
MacMark Baxter
Blue Team:
NellieEllen Mumford
JessieLucy Barnes
MinnieNaomi Ashley
Little JakeKieran White
Children's ChorusFern Higgins, Alice Kennedy, Fern Shiels
Red Team:
NellieFern Deacon
JessieLauren Phillipou
MinnieRebecca Rogers
Little JakeMarco Rolandelli
Children's ChorusIndia Woodliffe, Jessie McVicar, Becky Armes, Tabitha Richards
Female DancersJoyce Atlee, Lisa Fletcher, Kelly Gates, Laura Gurney, Susan Canfield, Vanessa Higgins, Lucy Jesse, Siân Thomas
Male DancersChris Armes, Mark Aston, Mark Baxter, Tim Canfield, Steve Howard, Roger Johnson, Eric McLoughlin, (Wild Horse - Rob Tickner)
Ladies' ChorusJoyce Atlee, Lucy Armes, Laura Gurney, Lisa Fletcher, Kelly Gates, Susan Canfield, Sam Hatfield, Vanessa Higgins, Ann-Marie Johnson, Lucy Jesse, June Thomas, Sian Thomas, Vanessa van Nieuwenhuijzen
Mens' ChorusChris Armes, Mark Aston, John Canfield, Tim Canfield, Tony Doherty, Steve Howard, Roger Johnson, Mike Lehman, Eric McLoughlin, Arie van Nieuwenhuijzen
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