Cody Musical Theatre Company

20th-25th September 2010

Adapted from the 1997 British film, the musical version takes the same story and transports us to the USA and shows six unemployed Buffalo steelworkers who are low on both cash and prospects.

They decide to present a strip act at a local club after seeing their wives and girlfriends enthusiasm for a touring company of the ‘Chippendales’. As they prepare for the show, working through their fears, self-consciousness and anxieties, they overcome their inner demons and find strength in their camaraderie.

It is extremely well written, with both pathos and humour and some memorable music, and addresses issues not normally encountered on the musical stage. The musical had its world premiere at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre on October 26th, 2000, where it ran for 770 performances.

£2 from each ticket was donated to Frimley Park Hospital
towards the fund to buy a flexible cystoscope for early detection of bladder cancer

Charity cast calendar

The cast & crew of our next production, The Full Monty, created a “Calendar Girls” style calendar with a proportion of the proceeds going to Frimley Park Hospital towards the fund to buy a flexible cystoscope for early detection of bladder cancer.

The calendar was on sale during performances.

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorJune Thomas
Musical DirectorPaul Tickner
ChoreographerSue Canfield
Stage ManagerMike Davall


Cast List

Jerry LukowskiRob Tickner
Nathan LukowskiJames Schofield
Pam LukowskiLisa Fletcher
Teddy SlaughterTony Siddall
Dave BukatinskyPaul Tapley
Georgie BukatinskySiân Thomas
Harold NicholsRon Walker
Vicki NicholsVanessa Higgins
Horse (Noah t. Simmons)Ibrahima Diaw
Malcolm MacGregorRichard Young
Ethan GirardTim Canfield
Buddy (Keno) WalshJohn Canfield
Jeanette BurmeisterGiga Phillips
Estelle GenoveseChristine White
Susan HersheyJane Mumford
Joanie LishEmma Loader
Reg WilloughbyMark Aston
Gary BonasorteDavid Main
DoloresJenni Galliford
MollyLucy Armes
Dance InstructorSam Bottle
Tony GiordanoDarren White
EnsembleLucy Armes, Joyce Atlee, Sam Bottle, Helen Dayson, April Timpson, Tony Doherty, Mike Lehman, David Main, Eric McLoughlin, Haydn Thomas
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