Cody Musical Theatre Company

21st-26th September 2009

The Company performs ‘Taking the Mick-a-doo’, a new version of ‘The Mikado’ by W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.

It was theatrical manager and impresario D’Oyly Carte who recognised that the former two totally opposed personalities were perfect matching talents, so the ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’ partnership was born. Their musicals, whilst given a variety of lavish and differing settings (in this case ancient Japanese society), were always easily recognised as an affectionate mockery of the fads and foibles of the day.

Gilbert & Sullivan always intended their operettas to be kept alive and fresh, with dialogue tweaked to poke fun at the relevant news of the day. In this new version, whilst all of the original music, story and characters are the same, the orchestration has been updated, and of course some words may be changed to reflect the new sound of the music. In addition one new female part is added to the ‘Little Maids’, Pea-kin, (sometimes called duck!), and more dancing has been included.

We hope that we have come up with a unique version that you will all enjoy.

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorJune Thomas
Musical DirectorPaul Tickner
ChoreographerJoyce Atlee
Stage ManagerMike Davall


Cast List

Ko-Ko Rob Tickner
Nanki-Poo Richard Young
Yum-YumMary Heath
The MikadoMartin Sampson
KatishaPippa Winslow-Rolandelli
Pooh-Bah Haydn Thomas
Pish-TushTim Canfield
Pitti-SingSiân Thomas
Peep-BoLisa Fletcher
Pea-KinRachel Davison
Female ChorusWendy Allen, Joyce Atlee, Alex Balston, Laura Gurney, Emma Dayson, Helen Dayson, Sophie Fryer, Emma Loader, Lucy Jesse, Dawn Stephens, Vanessa Van Nieuwenhuijzen
Male ChorusChris Armes, Mark Aston, Mark Baxter, Tony Doherty, Mike Lehman, Graham McCarron, Tony Siddall, Arie Van Nieuwenhuijzen, Steve Woolford, Ron Walker, Darren White
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