Cody Musical Theatre Company

22nd-27th September 2003

“Welcome” to the Cabaret sings the Emcee of the Kit Kat Club through painted lips, as the people of Berlin 1929 join him.

This is the infamous story of Sally Bowles, as most people will remember played in the film version by Liza Minelli. Adapted from themes explored in the book ‘I am a Camera’ the story follows the decadance of 30s Berlin during the nervous times at the start of the rise of the Nazi party. A time when choises had to be made as to whether to carry on in glorious oblivious indulgence, or wake up to the changes happening in the world.

Musical numbers include Meeskite and Why Should I Wake Up?, The Money Song, Wilkommen, Perfectly Marvelous, Sitting Pretty, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Cabaret, Don’t Tell Mama, It Couldn’t Please Me More and Two Ladies.

Production Team

Creative Team

DirectorSue Sampson
Musical DirectorDerek Canfield
ChoreographerSue Canfield
Stage ManagerMike Davall


Cast List

EmceeRon Walker
Sally BowlesJoanne Bonnett
Cliff BradshawJohn Canfield
Fraulein SchneiderGiga Phillips
Herr SchultzDavid Main
Fraulein KostLarissa Waring
Ernst LudwigJonathan Astill
Kit Kat GirlsLisa Fletcher, Deborah Oxenham, Juliette Hammond, Emma Loader, Siân Thomas, Christine White
The Two LadiesLisa Fletcher & Siân Thomas
WaitersMatt Benbrook, Tim Canfield & Roger Johnson
MaxChris Armes
TenorRichard Young
GorillaMartin Sampson
Stage BandNatasha Cuevas (Tenor Sax), Jan Dare (Drums), Gill Falshawe (Trombone), Vivian Jones (Piano)
Telephone Boys and GirlsSue Canfield, Julian Clinton, Eve Earles, Jonathan Hart, Mike Lehman, Gary Oxenham, Lynda Taylor, Zoë Woodhams, Richard Young
German SailorsJonathan Hart, Gary Oxenham, Richard Young
Chorus and Guests at the Kit Kat KlubClaire Fryer, Sophie Fryer, Ann-Marie Moss, Clare Nisbet, June Thomas, Haydn Thomas
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